Wikipedia tells me that a seven year itch is a psychological term that describes the reduction of happiness in a marital relationship after about 7 years of married life.

This phrase has now expanded to depict discontent in a wide range of subjects not limited to interpersonal relationship of a couple. It can be used for displaying dissatisfaction of anything that ceases to give pleasure after a fairly long relationship.

My seven year itch is with suspense thriller books!

I have always loved a whodunit. As a teenager I had devoured Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and all other suspense novels.

Then I started on medico-legal, psychopathic, criminal conspiracy,  political thrillers, serial killer and all other such stuff.

After years and years of gory murders, kidnappings, and a lot of blood, I am totally done.

Completely! Can’t stand it anymore. Just when you root for a guy, you will find him/her to be murdered or worse still, he/she is the murderer. It has happened so many times now, that I sometimes read the end page just to see if the guy I was rooting for is alive or not.

I can’t seem to stand another murder for a million bucks.

So I switched to romance.

See, I was always a sucker for nice, cosy romance. I always liked a story with a good, handsome hero and an intelligent heroine. But I also read all other genres of books too along with romantic novels.

But, once my marriage with suspense books ended, I am happy with a light, fluffy, and good old romance any day.


Written for the July BarAThon 2018.

Today’s prompt is : Seven Year Itch

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