continued from Starlit Sky: 18. Scorpius

Sagittarius is ninth of the 12 zodiac signs, commonly represented as a centaur with a drawn bow. It is sometimes also called a teapot. In the Indian Astronomical System, it is called Dhanu Raasi, or the bow constellation.


Sagittarius is to the east of Scorpio. It is a cluster of about 10-12 bright stars, easily identifiable in the Northern hemisphere from the months of July to October.

Sagittarius is at a unique position in the universe. It is approximately right in the middle of Milky Way. That is why it is one of densest of all zodiac signs. Dense in the sense that we can see many nebulae and other deep sky objects in Sagittarius.

Now for important stars of this constellation. The brightest star is epsilon sagittarii or Kaus Australis. It is a star with 1.8 magnitude. It is called Poorvashada in the Indian Astronomical System. It forms the southern part of the bow.

The second brightest star in Sagittarius is the Sigma sagitarii or Nunki. Nunki has a magnitude of about 2.08. It is called Uttaraashada in the Indian Astronomical System.


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