Savitri sat in the middle of the room watching all the activity around her. She had not seen this many number of people in her home for a long time now. The last time there were so many people were when her husband had passed away and they had come to convey their condolences. That was almost 5 years ago. She had fought a long battle after that alone.

“All that hard work has come to this”, she thought.

“Today, I go away from all that is dear to me. I shall leave everything behind”

She sat with her chin on her chest and closed her eyes.

The packers and movers went about their work with clockwork precision. They were packing as per her sons’ instructions. All her belongings were being divided 3 ways. One part that her children wanted and they were taking with them, one for her personal use that she would need and one more set that were going to be given away for charity or just simply thrown away.

Her children decided what was important enough to be kept or discarded. Not that they did not consult with her, they did. But she was so numb that nothing actually registered anymore.

As she sat there, the packers were cleaning out her art stuff. She used to paint as a hobby ages ago. She had kept all those old school-girl art books and later some of the water colours she had made. Those times seemed so far away. She had not painted for a long time now. First she was busy with her work and kids, and then later she was busy looking after her ailing husband.

Dilip looked at all the old stuff and told the packer, “Put those in the throwaway section”.

Savitri looked up. Suddenly she felt a deep tug at her heart.


“What? Do you want these, Amma? You have not used them at all since my childhood.”

“I want them”, she asserted,

“Ok, no problem. Please put these in Amma’s set” Dilip instructed.

After all the things were packed. The house was locked up. The house she had grown to care for and love was going to be left behind.

Today she was moving into an old age home.

to be continued…….


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