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Savitri and her sons, Dilip and Sharat sat on either side of her in the cab as they left for their destination. Dilip had his arm around her and Sharat placed his hands on hers reassuringly.

“It will be very nice there, Amma” Sharat was saying. “They will take care of everything”

“Yes, Amma.” added Dilip. “You need not bother about the day-to-day things of maintaining such a big house as ours”

“You will also have people to talk to” said Sharat.

“We have seen the place. It is quite spacious and well maintained” said Dilip. “There are so many activities to choose from too”

“We will call you everyday, Amma” said Sharat. “Now that you know how to use your smartphone, we can be in touch via whatsapp too”

“Yes, Amma, we are just a phone call away” said Dilip

Savitri just sat there, thinking to herself, “Are they trying to convince me or convince themselves?”

The cab moved into the gates of a fairly large building. The gardens were pleasant and well laid out. The flowers looked so pretty and the lawn was so green that it looked like a golf course. There were some people working in the garden, some were just enjoying the breeze sitting on benches under shady trees. It all looked serene and calm. Savitri looked out dispassionately and did not actually register much of the beauty.

Dilip and Sharat helped her out of the cab and they went into the building. At the reception they were greeted pleasantly. Dilip led Savitri to a seat. She sat there with a bewildered mind. Dilip and Sharat completed the formalities.

“Amma, come. Let us go to your room. Everything is settled”.

Dilip and Sharat walked with their mother and led her upto the first floor to a pleasant room overlooking the garden. It was a comfortable room with a bed, a couple of chairs, a small fridge, a tv and an attached bathroom.

Savitri sat in one of the chairs and watched her children arrange her belongings in the cupboards. After they finished, they sat with her for some time and then said their goodbyes and left.

Savitri felt lost and lonely. She looked around and thought “I have to start all over again to rebuild my life now.”

“Can I do it? Oh! Lord! Help me!”

to be continued………………….


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