First off, to all the teachers:

Happy Teachers Day!


There are 3 types of teachers according to me.

  1. Really good teachers who know their subjects so well and they teach to inspire. They are few and far between and live in your memories for ever. Hats off to them! They made you who you are!
  2. Teachers who just did their jobs. You learnt from them, got some adequate marks and then promptly forgot what it was all about and now you can’t really match their names to their faces in your memories. Most of the teachers fall into this category. Am I right?
  3. The third category of teachers are those who made you laugh. You know……. the ones who spoke funnily or taught badly or in whose class you could get away with anything…. You get the point, right?

My teachers day salute goes out to all these teachers. But today I dedicate my post to the teachers of the third category.

They are aplenty in our lives and we thank the lord for them. They made education tolerable. You will never forget them too in your life. All school/college reunions will have stories of these terrible teachers for sure!

I have had my share of bad teachers too.

I had a teacher in primary school. I forget her name, I only remember her attire! (You will soon know why!). She used to wear sheer, chiffon, single colour sarees, you know like the ones in Chandini, but with a twist. If the saree was light blue, the inner skirt would be bright yellow. If the saree was red, then the inner skirt would be a jarring green or blue! The blouse too would be some colour going neither with the saree or the inner skirt! God knows what she taught, I don’t remember that but I do remember that I never understood a thing! 😀

Then there used to be a teacher in high school who taught us geography. She used to be always tired. Always…. everyday…… just tooooooo tired to do any class. She would come in, flop her books and purse on the teacher’s desk. Sit down and simply ask one student to read out a paragraph from the text book. Like a chain reaction, one by one we would each get to read a paragraph. Some would read too slowly. Some would read too fast. Some would read just to themselves, no one else could hear. Ok! All reading over? Good! Lesson over! Now, copy out the textbook word for word into your notebook.

This had to be the most boring class I have ever attended.

One of the most hilarious was my Chemistry teacher, Tara Bai in my degree. She taught Chemical Bonds. Every sentence she spoke had the words “I mean, you know, remember that”. I kid you not, we used to count the number of “I mean”s, “You know”s and
“remember that”s in every class! She would mumble her lecture to the blackboard. We girls used to have a field day in her class. Giggling, talking, throwing paper planes! I got caught by her once. She made me stand up and berated me saying “What? You think chemistry is easy? It is not easy!” She had a quirk of placing her left hand behind her back and holding her right elbow from behind and turning her right wrist in circular motion. As she scolded me, she kept turning her fist at me and I giggled even more! I was not her favourite!

This story has a sequel…….

In the year that she taught us, I made extra effort to learn chemistry on my own. I prepared my own notes, read different books and somehow managed to top the subject that year. When I came back to college the next year, Tara Bai (we used to call her Tara Bond, because she taught us Bonding) cornered me one day and said. “You got top marks in Chemistry. Very good. You come to me for any help.” I never did! She used to check out reference books out of the library in her name and give them to me to read. Now, when I think back, I think it was quite sweet of her. But back then, I was not so appreciative!

Anyway, good or bad or just plain ok, our teachers deserve our respect.