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Over the next few days, Savitri settled down well at the home. The routine of morning prayers, breakfast, rest followed by yoga, lunch, evening stroll and dinner became familiar and soothing.

Though Savitri had hated coming in the first place and thought she would never be happy here, she had to admit (even if it was just to herself) that the break from day-to-day cooking and cleaning was indeed a relief. She did not have to bother about the morning milkwala, paperwala, maid, vegetables or groceries. Nothing. The mundane was taken care of. After the morning prayers, the coffee and newspaper was ready for her.

From the time she had joined her work, this was the first time that there was no cooking for her to do. The mornings used to be so rushed and hurried. With lunch boxes and snack boxes to be packed for herself, Rajat and the kids, mornings were always hectic. After retirement, of course this hurry reduced, but the cooking remained. Only it could be done in a leisurely way. But now, the entire activity was removed. There was no buying, planning, cutting, washing and cooking. It was a relief.

Now Savitri had some time on her hands. At first she did not know what to do.

There were many activities in the home, if the residents were interested to do. So, Savitri joined the yoga club. Since all the club members were senior citizens, the yoga sessions were basically deep breathing and relaxation exercises. Savitri started enjoying these sessions.

One day after the class, Savitri was rolling up her mat.

“Hello! You are new here aren’t you?”

“Hello! Yes I am, joined a week back. My name is Savitri”

“I am Devaki. How are you? Which room?”

“I am on the first floor, room 3”

“Nice, then we are neighbours. I am in 2”

Devaki was around 65 years old. There ended the similarity between her and Savitri. She was dressed in a t-shirt and pants as opposed to a saree clad Savitri. Devaki had a face that looked like it was more accustomed to smiling than frowning where as Savitri more often than not looked serious. She was short, with her grey hair tied up in a bun.

“I am going to my room now, I will come along with you” said Devaki.

They spoke of this and that as they went along. Savitri liked her conversation. They parted at her door.

After this Savitri would meet Devaki almost every time she stepped out. If they met on the way to lunch or dinner, they would walk together and sit together to eat. Devaki seemed to know everyone there. She had a word with everyone she met. She would introduce Savitri to all of them. Now, suddenly Savitri had a few friends there.

“So, did you make any friends, Amma?” asked Sharat.


Dilip and Sharat talked to her on alternate days without fail. They did not miss these video calls. Most of the times, Dilip’s wife Geeta and Sharat’s wife Rithika also joined.

Savitri would reply in monosyllables. She would never try and continue the conversation.

“Amma! you have to let this go! How long will this go on!” Sharat almost shouted at her on the screen.

“Ready to go for a walk?” Devaki looked in at the door, just as Sharat’s voice came through. “Oh! Sorry, did not know you were busy”

“No problem. The call is over.” said Savitri cutting off Sharat and Rithika.

to be continued………..

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