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Savitri and Devaki went for a walk in the garden. This had become their routine in the evenings in the past few days. After 1/2 hour of walking, they sat down on a bench.

“So, who were you talking to just now?” asked Devaki wiping beads of sweat from her forehead.

“That was my son, Sharat.” replied Savitri. The expression on her face changed at the mention of her son.

Devaki sensed it. At the risk of being called a busybody, she asked, “Savitri, is there any issue? I notice that whenever anyone asks about your family, you clam up and seem angry.”

Savitri was silent for a long time, looking at a distant tree.

“I feel betrayed by my sons. That’s why I am angry with them.”

“Why, what happened, if I may ask?”

“Well, they were supposed to come back, but they didn’t.”

“Back? Back from where?”

“Both my sons wanted to study abroad. As a middle class family, our finances did not stretch that much. I got them both educational loans from my bank, where I worked, at an incredibly low interest rates. Both Dilip and Sharat promised to repay these loans on their own after completing their studies. They were true to their word and repaid the loans without our assistance. After their education, I and Rajat wanted them to come back to work here. We wanted our children to be near us. What is wrong with that?

“They both got jobs abroad. They said they would work there for some time and then return back. But over time, they got promotions, built homes, got married and completely settled there.

“While it is true they came whenever I or Rajat needed them, the fact remains that they are not here.

“After Rajat’s death, I became lonely. Dilip and Sharat took me to their homes, but I was not comfortable there. Not that I had differences with either Geeta or Rithika. They are very nice girls. It is just that, I am more comfortable in my home.

“I did not even force them to stay with me. I just wanted them to stay in the same city as me so we could meet often.

“But no, that did not happen. They like their jobs more than me. When I started getting tired more easily than before, and they said they both were more worried for me. When I refused to live with them, they made arrangements to settle me here”

Devaki looked at Savitri with an incredulous expression.

“That’s it? Is that why you are angry with your sons? Are you nuts, Savitri?”


to be continued……………

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