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Savitri stared back in bewilderment at Devaki. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Do you know how fortunate you are, Savitri? You have two loving sons who care so much for you and you are angry at them!?

“You think it is easy for your sons to leave everything they have built, their careers, their families and all that and just come back so that you are happy?

“You are not able to leave your home here after retirement and you expect them to pack up everything that they are yet to complete making. Don’t be so selfish Savitri.

“Also, you cannot control all situations. You have to let go and make peace with what is given to you. At least, you are living here, where a lot of facilities are there and all matters are taken care of. Your sons call you everyday to talk to you. Do you know how rare that is?

“There are so many people here with so many stories, Savitri. Do you even realise how lucky and privileged you are?

“I suppose you have been here for a month now, and you have not really left your room except when I call you. The room that you use is for persons who are able to afford all the facilities. Twin and triple sharing rooms here for people not able to pay as much as you.”

“I did not pay anything, my sons took care of everything. I don’t even know how much.” said Savitri in a small voice.

“See, what did I tell you? They care, Savitri. Never doubt that. Do you know there are dormitories also for people who can’t afford much. Some of them work here to pay for their stay. Not all of them were poor earlier too.

“Mr Ramesh, who helps in the dining room everyday. You see him everyday, arranging chairs, serving, helping in cleaning etc, always with a smile on his face. He worked as a manager all his life, built a house and had a decent life. His only mistake was he gifted his house to his children and they just sent him away. He came here with a small bank balance with him. He now lives in the dormitory and pays a part of his stay by working here.

“Jayanthi, the lady who helps out in the garden too was sent away by her children after she was of no use to them.

“You must talk to these people to really know their pain and how they deal with it. Compared to them you are in a much better place. Don’t you think so?”


to be continued……………

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