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Later when Savitri went back to her room, she was lost in thought. Slowly she started seeing the truth in Devaki’s words.

She recalled all those times when Dilip and Sharat went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. Geetha and Rithika too were so friendly and adaptable.

Am I my own problem? she asked herself. Did I try enough? Did I make trouble for my children? Are they wrong? or am I?

Dilip and Sharat did not abandon me like the some of the other unfortunate people here. They have taken care of all the financial details. All my savings are with me, the house is rented out and I get the rent, my stay here too is taken care of. I am staying is a single room with all amenities. The place they chose too is quite nice.

So, what am I angry for? Why should I feel cheated? They have not legally cheated me of anything. In fact, they are more caring than most children these days.

So many questions with seemingly no answers!

Yes, I wanted them near me. Is that so wrong?

Well, said her inner voice. While it is not wrong to wish for them to be here, it is wrong to ask them to abandon all their dreams to be near you. Ask yourself, will they be truly happy here?

Remember when in your youth, you and Rajat also came to this city to build a life for yourself, you too had to come from your small village? Was that easy on your parents? Surely not! But they never held a grudge against you for that. They were supportive of all your decisions. Even when you had to take those transfers, your parents and in-laws too pitched in so that Dilip and Sharat were taken care of. How can you forget all that?

Everyone has dreams. Dilip’s and Sharat’s are a little far away from where you want to stay. You staying unhappily or angry here will not make life easy for them there. They moved you here not to make you feel abandoned but to make your life a bit easier. There is no need for you to bother about day-to-day issues. Your medical needs are taken care of, you have people to talk to, you need not go far to take a walk or go to a temple or even for your daily exercise. Everything is here.

You are right, Savitri told her inner voice. I have two choices now. Either I move in with them. They have been asking me to come anyway. Or I stay here and be contented. Contented to have lived a full and vibrant life. Contented to be given a chance to lead a peaceful and active retired life.

I must not subject my children to unnecessary guilt.

She called Dilip on her phone.


to be continued……………

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