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“Amma! What a surprise! Is everything ok?” Dilip answered almost on the first ring.

“Yes, Dilip, everything is fine. Just wanted to talk to both of you. Can you do the conference call thingy and call Sharat? I am not sure how to do that.”

“Sure, Amma. Hold on.”

“Hey Sharat! Amma on conference call. Free enough to talk?”

“Of course! Hello Amma! How are you? Anything important?” asked Sharat.

“Dilip, Sharat, I wanted to talk to both of you. I need to say sorry to both of you”

“What are you saying Amma? Why sorry?” said Dilip.

“Amma….. what happened? Now I am getting worried” said Sharat.

“No no, nothing to worry. I know I have been angry with you for a long time now and I have not been talking to you both properly too. I have hurt you both with my behaviour. I am sorry for that.” said Savitri.

“Amma….” began Dilip

“No Dilip, don’t stop me. Let me say all that I need to say” said Savitri. “I blamed you both for not coming back to my city to stay and after your father left, that resentment grew. I could not adjust to your lifestyle in your cities. You both know that, don’t you?

Then, when you took the decision for me to come here, I became more and more angry with you. I never realised that you took this decision with me in mind.

I have now come to understand your viewpoint. All you boys wanted was that I should not be lonely and alone, to have medical care handy and for me to have a relaxed lifestyle in the city that I am used to.

I have misunderstood your love for me as a sign of abandonment, when that is far from truth. You both only wanted me to be happy.

Thank you Dilip and Sharat, for caring for my wishes and for taking care of all the minute details. I now realise that I have been very lucky when I have you as my children.

I am truly sorry, children. I am very happy here.”

“Amma, don’t say that. We both love you” said Dilip

“And will always love you” added Sharat

“I will come to stay with you whenever you are free or need me.” continued Savitri. “But I would like to come back to my room here afterwards”

“Anything you say Amma. We just want you to be happy. You have worked hard all your life and now you must relax.” said Dilip

Savitri cut the call after saying her goodbyes. She picked up the book she was reading.

She was at peace after a really long time.

End of the Novella.