Four year old Binny held his seven year old sister Rani’s hand tightly.

“Didi, I am scared!”

“Such a crybaby you are! I am here with you. Aayi, Baba and Nani are all asleep. Now is our only time to explore. Keep quiet and come along!”

They crept slowly up the wooden stairs. They stopped and watched whenever they creaked. Slowly, like cats, they reached the door at the end of the room where the stairs ended.

As usual, it was barred with a big rod blocking the door. No one opened this door. It had fascinated both of them ever since they came to Nani’s house three days earlier.

Rani held the rod and lifted it out of the socket and kept it down. Both Binny and Rani were now very excited. They could now open the door. They shot the bolts out and pulled the door open.

There was just a big wall in front of them!

“What are you both doing?” boomed Nani’s voice behind them.

Both Rani and Binny turned around terrified. “Nani, Nani……. We…. we just wanted….. to….. see……” stammered Rani.

“What is this wall Nani? Why is it in front of the door? What is behind?” asked Binny.

“When we built the first floor section to rent out, we had to close this door. Did you think that there was ghosts out there? Haha! Silly kids. Come!”

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#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya 

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A secret place at your home.. you didn’t know about

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