Continued from Starlit Sky 21: Summer Triangle

Now that you can identify Aquila constellation from the previous edition of Starlit Sky, let us use that to find another constellation. The Capricorn.

Find Altair of the Aquila constellation. travel in a southern direction and you will reach a small group of stars that faintly remind you of a head of a crocodile. That is the Capricorn. Capricorn is a part of the 12 zodiac constellations. It is called Makara Raasi in the Indian Astronomical system.

The Greeks saw this formation of stars as a half goat, half fish. If you cannot imagine these, think of it as an inverted cap or a kinda-sorta-triangle. It is a little tough to identify these stars because they are stars of magnitude 3 or more.

Look to the north-east of Altair. You will find a faint and tiny constellation sort of reminding you of a dolphin. That is the constellation of Delphinus.

The brightest among this is called the Dhanista in the Indian Astronomical system.

to be continued…………………….