I looked at my watch. I was getting horribly late. I urged my auto driver to drive faster. We were almost there. But there is a big difference between almost there and being there. I knew my train would stop at this station for just a minute. But I didn’t account for the traffic on my way. Some wedding party had blocked half the road. I cursed the groom, his horse, his band and all his dancing relatives to hell.

I paid the auto, ran into the station. I knew that this train usually came in the 3rd platform, so I made a beeline to the overbridge. I had to get from the 1st to the 3rd ASAP. I started climbing. A whole lot of people were coming down. They seemed to be in almost as much hurry to get down as I was to go up.

I pushed and shoved my way up and ran down to get to the stairs to the 3rd platform. There was a horrible stitch on my side. The train should be pulling in another minute. There was some announcement going on. I did not stop to hear. I had no time!

Most surprisingly, I was the only one there. Normally, there would be a lot of people waiting for the train. Did I miss it? Oh Lord, no!

I found a porter and I asked him.

He pointed to the platform that I had come from. My train was pulling away.

This is my entry for 
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya 

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Man walking after the departing train on a railway station