My mother and sister both hold the opinion that I get influenced very easily by others.

During school days, I made a friend A. She used to make fun of carnatic classical music. I used to learn music during that time. After hearing her speak that way, my mother tells me that I lost interest in learning. I had completed my junior exam in music, but quit and did not do the next exam. I have regretted this decision for a long time now. I do sing, you know, light-hearted songs but I have forgotten most of the classical kritis.

My mother also has another pet peeve about me. She says, I used to pick up quirks from my friends easily. Things like, repeating a word in almost every sentence, or adopting a style of speaking or some such thing. She says that no sooner she would make me lose that than I would pick up something new to bug her with.

I think over the years of living and learning, I am a much better person now (fingers crossed!). I do not get so taken in by people around me now. I do not take people on their face value now. I used to do that. I would blindly believe everything told to me as gospel truth. Now I know better. I do not base my decisions on first impressions anymore.

Influence can be both good or bad.

Bad influences catch on more easily than good. Isn’t it? I wonder why?

I’m writing bravely for Write Tribe festival of Words of March 2019
Today’s prompt is the word “Influence”.