“Nani, Nani” wailed Binny.

When Nani found Binny, he was overcome with extreme grief. His sobs wracked his body in way that alarmed her. He was curled up on the diwan, his head down on to the pillows, sobbing away.

Rani was standing next to him with something between a giggle and innocence written all over her.

Nani knew that they were playing just a while back.

“Arre! What happened? Binny, darling! Why are you crying? What did you do Rani?”

“I did not do anything, Nani” hotly refuted Rani.

Nani pulled Binny into her lap and smoothed his hair, softly telling him to stop crying.

“Nani….., Nani…..” began Binny amidst hiccups. “We were playing the card game you taught…… I was winning…….

……and then….. and then…. she… she…” Binny dissolved back into tears again.

“And then what happened?” Nani was getting a bit worried now.

“Then she pulled out the king of diamonds. I thought it was already played but… but…. she had it…. and she won in the last minute……”

Nani wanted to laugh. But she knew better. She gave Rani a wink, and then said “Rani is a bad girl. I have gulab jamun for both. I will give you one more than her. Come dry your tears now”

I’m writing bravely for Write Tribe festival of Words of March 2019
Today’s prompt is the word “Grief” and the photo prompt.