Aaahhh! This one is a special one! I can never forget it.

Preminchukundam Ra (Come, Let’s fall in love) stars Venkatesh and Anjala Zaveri in the lead roles. This film released in 1997. That is about all I can tell you about this movie, because that is all I can remember! πŸ˜‰

So why is it that I cannot forget it? That seems contradictory, right? Well, read on……………….

This movie was released in the same week as my wedding. After all the main wedding ceremonies, I went to my in-laws house as a new bride. Then there were a few more ceremonies there. After that, most of the guests left. In the evening, my husband suggested we go to a movie. I agreed. I had no idea about which movie we were going to.

My marriage was conducted in my husband’s home town. He worked in a different city, my in laws lived here. Though I had visited this city many times before, I did not know the entire city very well. 1997 was the time when multiplexes had still not come up. So it was still the single screen theatres.

My husband chose this theatre near his home and the movie playing there was Preminchukundam Ra. We went there on a scooter. We purchased the tickets and sat in our seats. The theatre was a dingy place. It was one of those places where there used to be a sitting and a balcony. My readers who are not millennials will understand πŸ˜€ We went to the balcony. Some people around looked a bit shady. But that’s how single screens used to be those days. I remember my seat was a bit torn and cramped too. The movie started.

It started with a song. No preamble what so ever. The lyrics of the song was very cringe-worthy. It fell into the category of being “so-bad-that-it-was-good”! The people in the front sitting whistled a couple of times. It was the hero intro song. I knew at once it was going to be a so called ‘mass’ movie. And I settled down for a boring 3 hours.

At the interval, hubby suggested we go out of the hall for a bit. I thought, may be this place does have some popcorn and stuff after all, and that I had misjudged the place.

We went out and stood in a corridor. It was dirty and gloomy too. No popcorn was forthcoming! We spoke for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden, hubby said ‘Let’s walk around’. Honestly I was surprised. But I went along. He slowly walked down the stairs, out into the yard, and straight to the parking lot! He said ‘Shall we go? ‘

To say I was puzzled is an understatement! What kind of a movie date is this? That too with a new bride? The movie was not that horrible! It was boring, yes….. mindless, yes….. loud, yes…….. But leaving halfway, well…… it did not deserve that!

Anyway, I said Ok. So we brought the scooter out, the gatewalla said ‘Movie is not over yet, you want to go? ‘ Hubby said ‘Yeah’. We came home. πŸ˜‚

My sister-in-law was most surprised when we came back so fast!

So that is why I can neither remember this movie nor can I forget it!

Till date I don’t know why we came home half way. It is not like he had some urgent work or anything. Only explanation is that hubby must have hated it! But will not admit it!


The A2Z challenge 2019 is going to be all the movies that have left an impact on me someway or the other. Some have made me think. Some that I like a lot, some that I really hated. But all of them have left a memory behind which makes the movie more special than the rest. They may not be all classics or iconic but they are close to my heart.

A is for Andhadhun. B is for Bazaar. C is for Conan, the Barbarian. D is for Dushman. E is for Enter the Dragon. F is for Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them.G is for Galimathu.H is for Hidden Figures. I is for Ishq.J is for Jaane bhi do yaaron.K is for Kshana Kshanam.L is for La La Land.M is for Mirch Masala. N is for Newton.O is for Once More.