Today I will talk about that one movie that made me oh so sleepy! Hence the title! 😀

When the trailer of this movie came out, both my teenaged daughters were oh so excited! It stars Emma Watson (of Hermione fame) and Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame). They were so sure that this one was not to be missed.

Of course I am talking about the good old fairy tale turned Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. You know, that old tale of a girl being captured by an ogre who is actually a prince cursed to be a monster. And how the girl makes the orge back into a prince again. As they say…. it is a tale as old as time!

Disney had made this story way back in 1991 in animated form and this new version was not animated. The movie promised to be a whole new experience.

I got totally bored. I couldn’t keep my eyes open under the two pairs of glasses I had on. Confused? I wore my 3D glasses over my regular glasses! Duh!

I sat through the movie just waiting for it to be over!

My girls were star struck by Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey. But here he spent most of his time under the monster face! So, they did not get much eye candy 😉

Agreed, this time Disney tried to make Belle (Emma Watson) as a girl with spunk and an inventor of sorts, but still I found it was just an afterthought.

The songs were too many and too long, the talking teacups were stupid and the opera-singing wardrobe got to my nerves!

Anyway, I am alone in thinking this way. Both my kids and the world loved it. It made good money at the box office and was nominated in a couple of categories for the Oscar too.

But by far, this one ranks the most boring film I have seen along with a couple more. Which one ranks as the sleepy movie in your list?

The A2Z challenge 2019 is going to be all the movies that have left an impact on me someway or the other. Some have made me think. Some that I like a lot, some that I really hated. But all of them have left a memory behind which makes the movie more special than the rest. They may not be all classics or iconic but they are close to my heart.

A is for Andhadhun. B is for Bazaar. C is for Conan, the Barbarian. D is for Dushman. E is for Enter the Dragon. F is for Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them.G is for Galimathu.H is for Hidden Figures. I is for Ishq. J is for Jaaane bhi do yaaron. K is for Kshana Kshanam. L is for La La Land. M is for Mirch Masala. N is for Newton.O is for Once More. P is for Preminchukundam Ra.Q is for Qurbani. R is for Roja.S is for Saudagar.T is for Terminator 2- Judgment Day. U is for Umrao Jaan.V is for Village Rockstars.W is for Why oh why! X is for Xtras. Y is for Yaarana.