Blogchatter Book Review

Author: Saba Irfan

Book Name: With love, yours hatefully!

EBook link: With love, yours hatefully!

Genre: Fiction

No. of pages: 117

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author: Saba Irfan Ladha, who blogs at is a passionate writer. She has been blogging for the past 7 years on food, lifestyle, travel and parenting. She has been featured on Humans of Bombay, India TV news,, and This is her second published book.

This is my first book review, as a part of the Blogchater Ebook Carnival 2019.

I like reading love stories. This book is a love story between a hugely successful businessman Adil Khan and his PA Sara. They do not get along well and positively hate each other from the first sight. How this hate turns to love is the essence of the story.

Pros: It is a cute love story of these two polar opposite people who are drawn towards each other in their mutual hate. It is quite a mills-and-boon style romance, which goes great with some popcorn and a blanket, with rain pouring outside the window!

Cons: This book requires a good editor. The language is jarring in places when the narrative suddenly turns from third person to first and then back again. There are umpteen number of mistakes in prepositions and verbs. There are inexplicable mistakes that make no sense sometimes. For example, the “warden” of the hostel becomes “maiden” of the hostel. In another instance, the heroine is once described as “golden-haired” and then again as having “long black hair”. Her name too is interchangeable, changing from “Sara” to “Sarah” and then back again.

These errors take away the reading pleasure to some extent.

Overlooking these, the book is quite breezy and a nice love story.