This is a review of my maiden book by Suhasini. Thanks for the love!

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The title of the book itself is giving the heads-up that the book is about the sky. But since this book came under the genre of the non-fiction, I was thinking that it can not be about the stories that happened under the sky. But as the #Blogchatter gave me this book as a compulsory book to review, I had picked up this book and started reading. Yes, my initial doubts were very much correct and this book is not about the sweet nothings that happened under the sky, but it’s about the stuff that’s happening in the sky.

Still not sure, what this book is all about – it’s about the Milkyway and the various stars that are present in a milky way and how these stars make our lives more interesting.  I got my hands on this book at the right time, as recently, my kid started getting…

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