Presenting my first published work:

Starlit Sky, A world to explore

Here is the link to download it:

Go ahead! It is free! 🙂

To see my name on a cover of a book is exhilarating!

My thanks are due to BlogChatter for this opportunity to help writers like me to become published authors. Kudos to the team for the constant hand holding, support and network for making my book available to many people. I would not be able to do all this on my own. Thanks again!

This work has been a labour of love taking two years to translate the material that my dad gave me into English. I have dedicated it to him. If it was not for him, I would not be doing this at all. It was his interest in the stars above that kindled my interest. My only regret is that he is not here with us to see this book. I started writing it after he passed away sort of, in a way, to keep him alive inside me. I hope I have done justice to the wealth of knowledge he had.

As I read and researched more for writing this series, I found more and more respect for the depth of knowledge of our ancient rishis. It came as a big surprise to me that the shapes and names of the constellations that they saw in the sky are the same ones we still use! I mean, they saw a small cluster of stars and thought it looked like a bull and we still continue to call them a bull as did the ancient Greeks! It is true for almost all the constellations of the zodiac!

The rishis based all their calculations on heliocentric (Sun centric) nature of Solar system long before Copernicus told the world. They told us secrets of the universe through stories that we now relegate to mythology. There are stories which tell us that the pole star (Dhruva) too is not constant and it changes over time. This describes Earth’s precessional motion. Amazing! It is indeed sad that we Indians have no idea of the secrets hidden in our culture and tradition. I hope this book will be instrumental in making a small change in our perception.

I had kept a target of atleast 50 downloads of the book when it was about to be published. Today it stands at 83. I am so happy and overwhelmed! Thanks to all the readers who have taken time to download and read it too. I hope you will have a lifetime to joy discovering the ancient and yet new stars in the sky. You can pass it on to the next generation too!