Blogchatter Book Review

Author: Mayuri Nidigallu

Book Name: My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye

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Genre: Travel

No. of pages: 36

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author: Mayuri Nidigallu, a vetaran writer of 14 years, who blogs at Sirimiri – A lifestyle Blogazine, is also a Tarot card reader. This is her second EBook with Blogchatter. According to her, she has left her heart and soul in Mumbai, her home town and now divides her time between Bangalore and Chennai.

My review: I finished this 36 page book in one go. It was such a delightful read.

I picked up this book for two reasons. One, as a person who has lived in Chennai for almost 12 years after marriage and then moving out, I too have an outsider’s view of the city and I wanted to see if our views matched. and two, well, this book garnered a lot of tweets about it and a lot of folks seemed to love it. So I too wanted to read the popular book and I have no regrets! 🙂

Mayuri describes Chennai, her City-in-law, as a judgemental old lady who will watch you disapprovingly and only after close scrutiny may or may not decide to include you in. This is such an accurate personification of Chennai that I was left astonished at her intuitiveness. I was immediately hooked.

I am glad I did not read Mayuri’s AtoZ this year because I got to read the whole series as a book. She takes us from the flower markets, to the messes, to the temples, to the beaches and all the other attractions of Chennai.

I could relate a lot to most of these experiences. After reading her series, I too want to write a series on Chennai myself. There are a few things about Chennai that I would like to add on.

Pros: This book is concise and accurate in all respects to everything related to Chennai. I did learn some new things about the city that I lived in that I never knew about. So kudos on the research, Mayuri!

Cons: I can only think of one thing: the book would have been more enriched had photographs been included to go with each of the delights described in the book.

Don’t miss it!

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