Hello, hello! We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this breaking news!

Breaking news!

I was interviewed for my Ebook! Starlit Sky – A world to explore (If you have not done so already, download the book for free here!)

How exciting!

This is my first interview, ever!

My interviewer is Pragun who has a blogazine at https://praguntatwa.com . She is a nature person who is connected to all the pancha-tatwas, the 5 essential elements of life.

In her own words,

PragunTatwa – Blogazine is my conflux or sangam of being a woman who thinks(water), cooks(fire), is a mother of two(earth), travels(sky) and loves India(Air). I associate my Tatwa magazine with these 5 elements. It’s a cosmos where I try & build a relationship with all elements and spread the connect with nature and natural tatwa’s. I am a firm believer in sustainable and eco-friendly living.

Here is the link to my interview with Pragun:

Author Interview – Meena Chatty