Blogchatter Book Review

Author: Kumar Parameswaran

Book Name: Here’s why your train journey could turn a Quirky Adventure

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Genre: Travel

No. of pages: 76

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author: Kumar Parameswaran hails from Hyderabad. After taking a break at the age of 50 from a career in marketing and business, he has followed his passion of travel around the country. He likes to visit places both well known and less famous nooks of the country. He believes in touching people’s lives by contributing to the society in an eco-friendly manner. He blogs at

My review: This book is an ode to the traveler of Indian Railways. Kumar has written these posts as independent experiences for the Annual A2Z Blog festival.

Each of these experiences will strike a cord with all travelers whether they travel in AC couch or sleeper couch, long distance or short distance, with or without reservations.

Kumar describes his trials and tribulations in a humorous fashion that you are sometimes laughing at his plight of a snoring travel mate or his difficulty of finding his train on a station where the announcements go haywire.

All of us who have traveled in Indian Railways have faced these issues that Kumar describes like booking a Tatkal ticket on the online portal, travel mates with excessive luggage, or finding no water in long distance trains. They are so relatable that it feels like we are on a journey with Kumar on the same train!

Some of his experiences are a bit scary like when he saw a family being duped by a smooth talking couple, which is a common occurrence in long distance trains if one is not careful.

Kumar points out some of the inadequacies in the railways system and hopes for improvement just as we all do as passengers.

Overall, it is a breezy read and rekindles the memories of traveling in trains.