Saytabhama stood aghast! How can this be? All her jewels were piled up on the scales. And still Krishna’s weight was more!

“Oh! Why?” she lamented. “Why did I take on the bet with Sage Narada that I would give away my lord in charity to him and then reclaim Krishna back with wealth equal to Krishna’s weight?”

Seeing her in extreme distress, her maid suggested calling Queen Rukmini to help. Queen Rukmini had a lot of jewels, didn’t she?

Queen Rukmini came as soon as she heard. But, she brought no jewels or gems with her! Satya was distraught. “Sister, why did you not bring any wealth? We need to win back Krishna, otherwise, Narada will take him away!”

All the while Krishna sat on the scales with a serene smile on his face.

Rukmini prayed to Krishna. She ordered all the jewels to be removed from the scales, and then she put a single Tulasi leaf on the empty balance.

The balance righted itself!

“How did this happen? How can one Tulasi leaf be equal to Krishna when all the jewels cannot be?” Satya was flabbergasted.

“You came with ego, I came with love. That’s all” said Rukmini.

This is my entry for 
Words on Wednesday #WoWe Week 2 hosted by Mayuri and Rashi Mittal

This is a retelling of a story from the Srimad Bhagavatham, the story of Lord Krishna.

Challenge is to write a story within a word limit of 200 for the prompt given.

The prompt for this week is: 
You have to give to get, not the other way around

Word count: 200