Abdullah touched the fabric with his old and wrinkled hands. He felt it between his fingers, brought it close to his eyes to see it better. It felt perfect.

He smiled. “Well done, Kareem beta, this time you have done well.”

Kareem was ecstatic, “Really? Ustad, you think so?”

“Go on, practice more, you can do much more”

Abdullah raised his hands in prayer to the Almighty. At last he had found a disciple to pass on his skill of weaving magic in silk. Now the art won’t die with him.

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Words on Wednesday #WoWe Week 2 hosted by Mayurihttp://www.sirimiri.com and Rashi Mittal http://www.liveityoung.com

Challenge is to write a story within a word limit of 200 for the prompt given. This week the prompt is the photo:


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