I sit in my balcony, looking out,
looking back at the decade that just went away in a blink.
I don’t feel 10 years older, but everything around has changed.

I do my yoga poses, but
my stretches are not so clean,
knees sometimes creak, my body has changed.

At the start of the decade, I hated
being called an “auntie”, but now I’m ok.
After all, there is grey to see in my hair!

Kids are now done with being kids, they are voters now.
No more pickups, drops, teaching, projects, or PTMs.
I watch them take wings and fly, with occasional advice for me.

After seeing more than two decades of each other,
we have grown more tolerant, husband and I,
overlooking quirks and irritations.

I discovered joy of writing, this blog,
a blessing that keeps on giving,
making the creative juices flow from my pen.

A couple of A2Z and blogathons under my belt,
I feel more confident,
to try free verse today!

I, an author, can you believe?
My first book, a tribute to my dad,
whom I lost this decade.

Dad, who always encouraged me to write,
could not see this blog or book.
My one regret that I did not do it earlier!

I continue my original love,
for artwork, only now,
I try new styles and techniques too.

This decade, I connected with
old friends from work and university.
A boon of Whatsapp, they keep me sane!

I look ahead into the next decade,
there is both hope and despair.
I don’t know which to choose!

The world is more intolerant now,
everyone spewing hatred,
global warming catching up too.

All news is fake, all smiles are false,
all are angry, all are sad,
why? I wonder

Will my hope for a better decade
come true? I hope so,
for the sake of the kids to come!


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