I have a fascination for the Himalayas from the time I first saw them in Himachal Pradesh, when I went to Kulu and Manali for our honeymoon some 22 odd years ago. The exquisite beauty, the lofty peaks, the serene and clean air have left a deep impact on my mind. We had taken an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali. All the way to Manali, the river Beas followed our road. I can never ever forget the sensation of waking up to the sound of water running over pebbles. Looking out of the window, I saw this beautiful, gurgling, fast flowing river Beas, which seemed to be in a hurry to get down the mountains. I felt like I was seeing a little girl just happy to be running around with no restrictions.

And the mountains…. Oh, God the mountains were simply extraordinary. For a south Indian, who had never seen the Himalayas, the sight was out of this world. That trip is one of my most memorable one.

Years later, my parents went to a trip to Badrinath and Kedarnath in Uttarakhand almost 15 years ago. They went with one of my aunt and uncle. They had a great time and when my dad described the trip to me, he made it so vivid in my mind’s eye.

From then on, it has been my deepest wish to see these holy places. I also wanted to go there with my sister.

This trip has been on our (mine and my sister’s) bucket list for years and years. Our trip had to accommodate all our collective timetables. This trip remained on the backburner as our lives took over and finally in 2019 it all came together.

Stay with me, I will take you all through my unforgettable trip of Char Dham!