Today, as I sit to write this post, I am at a loss for words. I want to write a post for all the things that I might have learnt from my experience of this trip. But I am not able to think of correct words to express my thoughts. They are all jumbled up and tangled in my head.

I felt a sense of exhilaration at the sight of the lofty Himalayas that can’t be put into words. Their majesty, beauty and strength have left a lasting impression on me.

When I was there, I did not feel any care in the world. Much like how a girl might feel after returning to her parents’ house from her own, I felt “at home”.

When I was in the doli at Yamunotri, I could not see one familiar face around me. All people of my group had dispersed. There were many many people going up along with me. But, I was alone. The mountains in front of me stood like huge giants. The forest, ice at the very tops, water falling into the valley from all around were my only companions, along with my thoughts. In life too, we are alone, no possessions, no relations, no worldly pleasures, no bank balance remains with us. Only the kindness of the heart and some memories will last. I felt the kindness of the doli boys. Of course, we paid for their services, but they rendered the service with a lot of goodwill. I was touched by that.

Watching the hills, I had a sudden feeling that water of Yamuna, flowing, nurturing, bubbling, running away and then in the plains, becoming calmer, and more wider, could be compared to a mother, as she has been by poets for centuries. I felt the mountains, standing erect, unmoving, rough, but still inviting, were like a father. Just as a father is sometimes rough and unforgiving, but does that out of love, the mountains too give you a tough time, make it hard to climb, make you want to give up but in the end, when you reach the top, leave you with a sense of achievement and adventure. It makes you feel you reached there on your own strength, but like a parent in the shadows, the mountains have made your resolution secure, given you multiple chances, made you strong and then leave you to enjoy your success.

The role of a mother in one’s life is undeniable. She is the nourisher and a role model. But a father is equally a nurturer. If a river is a life source, so is the mountain where she flows. The rough exterior of the mountain hides a loving caregiver. Do you agree with me?

Another thing I learnt is, that these holy places of worship have a certain vibrations that give so much positive vibes. The whole area is divine. I felt tears overwhelm me many times in this trip. These places have been visited by our rishis and sages from time immemorial. It gives me immense joy that I too saw the places that they did, and maybe, just maybe they too felt what I felt!

Uttarakhand is a state of exquisite beauty and divinity and has been for many ages. I am just lucky to have been able to taste just a bit of it.