Another successful A2Z blog festival. I am very proud of myself. Is that very vain? Maybe! But I am going to revel in it. Here is my shiny new completion badge!

This year’s A2Z is my third outing. I had completed one on 2018 and 2019. So this is a hatrick for me! YAY!

Every year, I look forward to this blogging challenge. I start my preparations way before April. I select my theme, decide the titles of my posts and sometimes even finish writing them. So, I would be ready by mid-March itself. But this year has been quite the opposite. It has been a very hectic month this year. With the corona lockdown, and other related issues, I was not able to get my posts ready ahead of time.

I actually wanted to try my hand at fiction this time. This required a lot of thinking and time too. I did not have time for this. Not this time, so may be next. Fingers crossed.

I had chosen my theme to be the Char Dham yatra that I went to along with my family in 2019. It was a special and most memorable trip of my life and I wanted to capture this in all details for a lifetime to be enjoyed again and again. I had to write it all down before my memories became more and more diluted.

I would write each post just the day before it had to be posted. So it was a bit hectic for me. But with the grace of God I was able to complete it. I enjoyed every bit of it.

To make my posts better, I decided to post the photos in the form of videos. For this I created my own videos and uploaded them on my YouTube channel. So you can say I am now a Youtuber. πŸ˜€ I did have a big help from my daughter. She helped me create these videos, added music and all the rest. So big thanks to her.

I have only one regret with this year’s edition. I was not able to make time to read a lot of other bloggers. I was able to read only a few. I will try and catch up with all the posts in this month.

Once again a big thank you to all the people who very kindly read, liked and commented on all my posts.

I will definitely be back next year with another theme and 26 posts to go with it.