Blogchatter Book Review

Author: Kalyon Subbarao M

Book Name: Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes

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Genre: Non fiction

No. of pages: 24


About the Author: Kalyon Subbarao Munnaluru is a passionate cook who gave up his successful corporate career to pursue his love for cooking. He was a founding member of Kitchari Katering. It is an on-the-wheels food catering platform supporting IRCTC e-catering to serve the customers passing through Mumbai suburbs. He was associated as Home Chef with GORB, a startup of ZEE livingfoodz.

He is a full time food blogger and vlogger. Follow him on his blog Foodopium. He also has a YouTube channel, check it out here. He is also active on various social media platforms. Follow him on Twitter here, Facebook here, and Instagram here.

My review: I found this delightful book published in the Blogchatter EBook Carnival 2021. I gravitated toward this book as naturally as a bee to a flower. If you are aware of my daily struggle to think up breakfast dishes everyday, you will know why. Of all the meals of the day, breakfast is one which has me scratching my head for ideas. In fact, I had written a post about it too, a long time ago. Check it out, if you have time. Breakfast toubles.

Kalyon has drawn inspiration for the recipes in his book from his mother and wife and the wholesome and simple breakfast ideas from all the ordinary kitchens of India. None of the recipes are difficult to prepare. All the ingredients are easily found on all Indian kitchens. And they are healthy and nutritious too. Mothers will find them to be a blessing when looking for innovative ideas.

There are 20 easy-to-make breakfast recipes in this book to tempt the foodie in you. The book is designed in such a way that the ingredients, method, calorie information, photograph are all compactly arranged in a single page. So there will be no scrambling between different pages looking for details. In fact, if this book was in paper format, then each recipe can be stuck on a flat surface like a fridge for easy reference while preparing the dish.

Some of the recipes are very well known and are a part of my breakfast repertoire. But I did find a few good ones that I had not tried yet. Now they are added into my ideas jar that I put my hand into everyday to conjure a breakfast dish acceptable to all members of my family.

Since the instructions are given in very lucid and simple manner, the recipes are easy to follow. I want to make a special mention for the photographs accompanying the recipes. They are very attractive and pleasing to the eye.

I am looking forward to try these new recipes in my kitchen.

I hope you will pick up the book to see if you can add a few new ones to your breakfast mix.

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