Spring time!

via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! The coming of spring means lots of flowers!  

Road Taken

via Photo Challenge: The Road Taken   Morning walk by the lake, Sun peeping through! Exhilarating!!

Season of the new

Every season she wore new clothes, So did all her mates, She stood in the sun, showing off feeling happy and great.   Today she wore light green sari, with gold and yellow too, she looked so young, and fresh too.   Her sari woven with care, was as delicate as gossamer, If you reached out…

Full circle

  We are walking together, my mother and I. this time with each other, is our treasure.   We are away today. Our day out, Our day to be gay, without a doubt.   We have to cross the street, we step on the road, As I take her hand, her face glowed.   I…

Light and Shadow

via Photo Challenge: Shadow   This is for the Daily Prompt Photo Challenge   Light to dispel darkness


The leaf is dry, dead long ago, So is the petal, colour is faded. The green and the red were vivid once vibrant, fragrant and vital.   Crumbling at mere touch, they are unwanted by all. But to me, they are precious, preserved for eternity.   Mine to see and touch, to feel the emotions once again….

Rose bud

    Her sister is beside her,  with supreme confidence,  All fresh and bright,  Full of fragrance.   She looks out for the first time Delicate and fragile,  Wrapped in her warm blanket,  small and dainty.   She is afraid to look up,  But the Sun calls out, “Look up, little one” “I have come…

The old mango tree

The old mango tree looked at the goings on very sadly. He was a very old. His girth spanned 2-3 feet. His roots had penetrated deep into the earth. His branches gave shade to a large area. He was on this ground for a lot longer time than these people who were milling around him….

A New Beginning

She walked warily. She stopped at the crossing, looked on both sides and slowly crossed the road. She had a bag on her shoulder that looked heavy. She tucked her flying hair out of her eyes and continued walking. She was aged around 60. Her cotton sari was tied in a neat manner. It was…